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Chaim Roserie performs beyond his expectations on the field on many level. He returns for another consecutive year with the West Toronto Cobras. Roserie was a well teamed asset to the Cobras and continues to maintain a positive standing in the game and on the field. Currently playing midfield his skills are well-rounded, he is set to achieve new heights in the coming future. His passion for soccer runs in his blood and in his families blood.

NUMBER:      24

POSITION:     Forward

HEIGHT:     5’4

WEIGHT:     116 lb

BIRTHDATE:     09/09/1998

HOMETOWN:     Mississauga, Canada


Academic Background:

High School:                St. Joan of Arc Secondary School

School Address:          3801 Thomas Street, Mississauga ON

Guidance Counselor:  Ms. Meir

Academic Honors:        MVP Soccer 2009

MVP Soccer 2010

Soccer Background:

Positions:                             Left Wing, Right Wing

Club Team:                           West Toronto Cobras                                                                        Club Jersey #: 7

Club Coach:                         Coach Gino/ Coach Jack

School Team:                      Joan Of Arc Secondary School                                                    School Jersey #: 10

School Coach:                    Mr. Radice


Camps Attended:               AC Milan Camp 2008-2009

Other:                                    Teams I played for:

  • Jacksonville Armada
  • Mississauga Falcons A (2008-2009) (Left Winger, Right Winger, Striker)
  • Erin Mills B (2009) (Striker)
  • St. Joan of Arc Secondary School Division 1 (Left Wing Back, Left Midfield)
  • Current Team: West Toronto Cobras


  • Become a Professional Soccer Player.

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Roserie Signs with Jacksonville Armada FC

Chaim Roserie has options available to him, and choices to make in years to come. The 16-year-old footballer was signed recently by the Jacksonville Armada in the North American Soccer League.The second-youngest player on an NASL roster in the modern era, Chaim (pronounced HYME) can play for any of four countries in international football.Born in Brooklyn, New York, his parents are from Guyana and Saint Lucia – his father is Lay Peter Roserie, from Micoud. But Chaim, an explosive, quick midfielder, was raised in Ontario, Canada. There, he played for two Clubs considered to be some of[...]

West Toronto Cobras

Representing from West Toronto, Chaim claims the title of the left and right wing Cobra.


Outperforming two consecutive years. Chaim Roserie is recognized for his performance on the field.

Chaim is on the net!

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